ATG Logistics is an independent shipping and logistics company based in Lima and Callao, Peru. ATG is part of the Andean Trading Group SAC and was founded by Peruvian and European partners. All our personnel have years of experience in the industry, as such, we are able to offer a very high level of expertise in our area.

At ATG we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive network of high quality strategic alliances worldwide. This allows us to obtain discounted rates and in turn offer highly competitive pricing for our clients, without compromising on service.

We always seek to exceed expectations, and careful planning means we can anticipate problems before they arise. We pride ourselves on our availability to clients, and maintain constant communications via email, telephone and Skype. In addition, we provide a 24-hour emergency contact number.

At ATG we understand the importance of a seamless logistics chain, and we deliver precisely that. Our repeat client list is testament to our ability to perform.